Learning, Teaching and Training Activities

Learning, Teaching and Training Activities

Meeting Number

Activity Type
Short-Term exchanges of group of peoples

Meeting Title
“Give their story a face”

Start Date

End Date

Receiving Organisation
EV.Jugendhilfe Iserlohn

Receiving Country

Receiving City
Description of the meeting

Day1: Meeting with refugees supervised and cared for in our refugee center.
Interviews and debates about the reasons of escaping from their home country.
All together taking part in activities at the hosting school and the refugee center.(e.g. games to precise prejudices, called UP and DOWN)

Day2: Meeting with local representatives of politics and business to discuss the advantages and challenges for the countries.
Workshop:” Drawing a map with escape routes.”

Day 3: Meeting with members of parliament
(Düsseldorf) to discuss fears, expectations, maybe getting answers.

Meeting with refugees
Day4: Debate” Expectations vs realty” arriving at Germany and then?
Workshop: Small groups drawing expectations, reality, tumbling stones, welcome culture….,” Creating a collage”.

Day5: Evaluation and farewell party.