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Activity Type
Short-Term exchanges of group of pupils

Meeting Title

Start Date

End Date

Receiving Organisation
Istituto d’Istruzione Superiore “E. Majorana-Gen. A. Cascino”

Receiving Country

Receiving City
Piazza Armerina
Description of the meeting

Day1: Welcome party in the School liceo Scientifico “ V,Romano”n2 , piano S. Ippolito, music by the Erasmus students and their band. Introducing of twin students and group works about refugees’ poetry.
Poems’ analysis and group activities about migrants and refugees poems by all partners’ poets. Preparatory task for students before meeting:
For partners’ students: choose poems by your country poets, translated in English, about migration (divisive and inclusive) to share, read and analyze during group works and final reports.
Group works activities. Oral report (conference) about :
  1. Poems chosen ( reading).
  2. Analysis of:
    • Inclusive culture: incredible bridges/poets create community
    • Divisive culture: minority poets and disintegration;
  3. Poets’ biographies;
  4. Personal comments;

Day2: Reflection and appreciation: ”culture” makes us to reflect and change opinions, prejudices and racism and so be inclusive, sometimes culture can divide people creating barricades and be divisive.
All poetry activities will be published in the Italian site: Migrador museums as documents of our Erasmus project.
Walking in Piazza Armerina - visiting the historical centre with narrow streets, churches and the cathedral.

Day 3: Trip to Palermo, Sicily regional capital; Meeting place: Senatore Marescalchi place;
Visit of Palermo in an Arabian and Norman path (migrants of past and their positive influence to Sicilian culture) with the guide of the ONG CISS).
Visit to the Palermo City Hall and meeting with the Major of The City Leoluca Orlando who in German will introduce us the chart of Sicily approved in Palermo about Migrants in our Region.

Day4: Integrated activities workshop between students and migrants with the association: “THE WORLD IN A BOXE”
Activities and feedback
School E. Majorana/A.Cascino
Visit to the Roman Villa of Casale *in Piazza Armerina

Day5: Briefing with the association “Don Nosco “which hosts migrants.
Activities and discussion focus on: nowadays Sicilian culture is inclusive or divisive towards them?
Interviews to migrants and documentaries.