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Country: Czech Republic

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Region: Středočeský kraj
City: Rakovník
School: Střední průmyslová škola Emila Kolbena Rakovník, příspěvková organizace

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Our school was founded in 1883 and its name and fields of study have been changing over the years, however the tradition of technical education in Rakovník has never been interrupted. Recently it is named after one of the most important personalities in the Czech industry, a businessman and inventor in the field of machinery and electrotechnics, Ing. Dr.h.c. Emil Kolben, who died during the Second World War in a detention camp.

Nowadays education is given in six fields of full-time study. There are 3 fields of graduation study – Information Technology, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering and 3 fields of apprenticeship – Electrician for power applications, Machinist and Mechanic. The graduates of all the fields are really demanded, without almost any unemployment. The total number of the students is more than 300 and it has been constantly increasing.

The school has taken part in many projects and competitions, both national and international, such as for example Erasmus+, “The Students´ Professional Activities”, Junior Achievement Project etc. The school equipment and technology are on a high level, we have many specialized workshops and laboratories to get the best results. The Rakovník’s high technical school is as one of the few in the Czech Republic a proud holder of the Global Action Schools Certificate. Also the cooperation with local firms is on a high level, including the smallest family firms as well as big international employers (Procter & Gamble Rakona, Valeo, Lasselsberger etc.)

Our institution is based in Hagen, a city in the western area of Germany.About 187000 people live here.The offering of EVANGELISCHE JUGENDHILFE youth social work is directed to personally and socially disadvantaged young people, who have considerable difficulties to have a perspective on one`s own life, caused by social or educational dificits.

Contacts: Sídl. Gen. J. Kholla 2501,
269 01 Rakovník

Phone number: +420 313 513 535, +420 313 518 261
Electronic mail: sekretariat[@] (Without square brackets - Spam prevent)