Country: Greece

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Region: Attiki
City: Drapetsona
School: 2o Gymnasio Drapetsonas

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The 2o Gymnasio Drapetsonas is a Public secondary school (12-15 year old students) in Drapetsona, near the port of Piraeus. It was established in 1985. It is a Junior High school with capacity of 210 students, 29 teachers specializing in different subjects. We have many migrated students from different countries of Europe, Asia and North Africa. A 10 percent of our students belong to the Greek Moslem's minority. Besides, we have a group of students with learning disabilities and in the autism spectrum disorders. For the last two years we have been hosting special reception classes for refugees.

The school is located in Drapetsona, a town in very close proximity to Piraeus, the main port of the country. Drapetsona started becoming a town with the refugee influx in 1922 after the percecution of the Greek populations in Asia Minor. Initially the refugees stayed in encampments around the port but later on in 1968 refugee’s settlements were constructed for permanent stay in the form of blocks of flats. Thus, the problem of accommodation was finally solved and many generations of refugees still live and prosper in the area. As it is quite clear, historically, Drapetsona was made up of refugees of Greek origin and that’s why its population is deeply touched by this unfortunate phenomenon that reoccurs nowadays.

Since the crisis in Middle East has broken out, a great number of refugees has arrived at the port of Piraeus and was led to refugee camps in nearby areas (Shisto, Skaramanga, Eleonas, etc). Being deeply influenced by this issue, we have tried-even before the reception classes for refugees were formed- to get our students involved by informing them about the refugee crisis and also by organizing different activities in the school and in the port of Piraeus (i.e. helping in serving food, organize the storage areas, play with kids, draw, create objects with recycled materials, etc.) in order to involve our students into actions that promote tolerance and social solidarity. (Activities for which our school was appraised by the Ministry of Education in 2016).

Contacts: 10 Agiou Fanouriou street,
Drapetsona Greece

Phone number: +302 104 616 072
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