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Country: Italy

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Region: Enna
City: Piazza Armerina
School: High public school Majorana - A. Cascino

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The I.I.S. "IS. Majorana - General A. Cascino "or the High public school Majorana - A. Cascino ", comprises inside the Technological school E.Majorana and the high schools Classic and Scientific " A. Cascino .
The school is the biggest of the province of Enna in Sicily Italy . with 1300 students and 120 teachers and 44 administrative people.
Common goal of the curriculum addresses the triennium is to define a professional that can fit into very different production companies and characterized by rapidly changing both from the technological point of view and from that of the working time. In The Technological school There are five addresses: Mechanics, Mechatronics and Energy Electrical and Electronics IT and Telecommunications--Chemistry, Materials and Biotechnologies Computer.
We have the scientific Lyceum where the most important issues dealt with are Math and science and Classic with classical languages and subjects.
High public school Majorana - A. Cascino

The High School seeks the following purposes: To promote the study of classical languages and promote the acquisition of knowledge and skills in literature, historical - philosophical that allow the access to a heritage of civilization and traditions in which we recognize our roots.
Offer, for its global training, a wide horizon of choices for university studies.
The High School scientific seeks the following purposes: Driving the student to acquire and develop a scientific mind, in particular through the study of mathematics with its languages and models, and sciences, with their method experimental;
Allow, thanks to the perfect balance between humanistic and scientific disciplines, a large horizon of choices for university studies.

Its course of study has as main purpose that of training to the exercise of technical functions and administrative, as well as professions in the industrial and services sectors.
The training courses are aimed at realizing professional profiles no longer and not just specialized and compartmental, but flexible and multi-purpose, more responsive to the demands of the labor market and the new territorial reality.
The study plan it has a five-year duration and is divided into a two-year unit and a three-year term address. At the end of the five-year period the student must take the exam to obtain the state diploma. The professional outlets. At the end of the course of study, the industrial expert can access:

  • Teaching;
  • To free profession;
  • Employee work in industry
  • To any university faculty

Contacts: Piazza Sen. Marescalchi, 2,
94015 Piazza Armerina Sicilia
Phone number: +390935683659
Electronic mail: Lidiadigangi[@] (Without square brackets - Spam prevent)