Country: Portugal

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Region: Alentejo
City: Cuba
School: Escola Profissional de Cuba (Centro de Estudos e Formação Profissional Diogo Dias Melgaz, Unipessoal, LDA.)

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The Professional School of Cuba is a teaching institution created by the Municipal Council of Cuba, on May 20, 2008, owned by the Center for Studies and Professional Training Diogo Dias Melgaz, Unipessoal, Lda. It is credited to teach Level II, III and IV Professional Courses. Although it has been a legal entity for a relatively short time - since 2008- , it has a great deal of experience in the field of Vocational Education, since it was for several years a pole of the Fialho de Almeida Professional School.
Vocational School of Cuba

It's a municipal company representing one of the formative offers of the county, the unique one in the level of the professional formation. It was felt, from an early age, in the county of Cuba, the need to focus on a vocational education, a more practical education and that meets the needs and demanding of the European labor market. From this need came the Professional School of Cuba, which since its conception has bet on a formative offer of quality, innovative and in full harmony with the urgencies of the labor market. In order to carry out this solid, professional and innovative training project, from the very beginning, we had competent professionals, experienced in the areas of training offered at school and with a vast knowledge of the region's business fabric - many of the companies based in our area have established partnership protocols with our institution.

Our mission turns out to be both simple and complex: daily improve our practice, always walking with excellence as the ultimate goal. We wish to continue to be a reference school in vocational training in Baixo Alentejo, always orienting our action for rigor, demand, innovation and competence - factors that contribute decisively to the sustainable development of the country.

Webpage: www.epcuba.pt
Contacts: Alameda Bento Jesus Caraça, 7940-134 Cuba- Portugal
Phone number: +351284015087
Electronic mail: geral[@]epcuba.pt (Without square brackets - Spam prevent)