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Short-Term exchanges of group of pupils

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2nd Gymnasio

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Tuesday, 16th november 2021

1st Meeting on Zoom platform - 1st Day of the Teleconference
Teleconference entitled: “Refugee Education Policy from 2015 Crisis to Covid19 Pandemic: THE GREEK EXAMPLE”
  • Brief welcome - Koliaraki Lina- English Teacher- Programme Coordinator
  • Welcome speech - Zervou Eleni – Headmistress of 2nd Gymnasio
  • Special guest speech – Chamilaki Efrossini
  • Photostory presentation with the involvement of the 2nd Gymnasio in Refugee Education – Papacheimona Kleopatra
  • 1st Presentation – Stella Michaloglou - Vice Mayor of Education and Social Care of the Municipality Keratsini & Drapetsona
  • Welcome speech – Pephanis Panagiotis –Organisational Coordinator of the 6th Regional Centre of Educational Planning of Attica
  • 2nd Presentation – Messari Anastasia-Educational Coordinator of the 6th Regional Centre of Educational Planning of Attica
  • 3rd Presentation – Lontos Charalampos – Teacher of Mathematics, Regional Director for Primary and Secondary Education of Attica (2015-2019)
  • Questions - Discussion

1st Meeting on Zoom platform – 2nd Day of the Teleconference
Virtual Visit to the Refugee Camp of Schisto
  • 1st Presentation – Karagianni Elena- Refugee Education Coordinator at the Refugee Camp of Schisto
  • 2nd Presentation – Morteza Latif – a Refugee from Afghanistan working as a journalist and photographer, ex- student of the 2nd Gymnasio of Drapetsona
  • 3rd Presentation – Lazaridis Christos – Communication Consultant of the Greek Forum of Refugees
  • Interactive activities for Students and Teachers
  • Questions-Discussion
  • Evaluation of the 2-day Teleconference

2nd Meeting on Zoom platform – 1nd Day of Presentations
Atristic Presentations of Host country and Partner countries under the title:”Walking on Literary Paths in Search of a Country”
  • GREECE – Presentation
  • PORTUGAL – Presentation
  • ITALY – Presentation
  • CZECH REPUBLIC – Presentation
  • Comments - Discussion
2nd Meeting – 2nd Day of Presentations
  • POLAND – Presentation
  • ROMANIA – Presentation
  • GERMANY – Presentation
  • FRANCE – Presentation
  • Virtual Tour to Greek Cultural Destinations (The Acropolis Museum, the Ancient Theatre of Epidavros and Nafplio-1st capital of Greece)
  • Comments – Discussion - Evaluation