Transnational Project Meeting 1

Transnational Project Meetings

Meeting Title: “Kick off Meeting”
Start Date
End Date
Receiving Organisation
Escola Profissional de Cuba (Centro de Estudos e Formação Profissional Diogo dias Melga, lda)
Receiving Country
Receiving City

Description of the meeting

At school:

  • Warm up activities for a better acquaintance.
  • Presentation of partner institutions.
  • Exchange of previous experience each institution has on refugee issues
  • Discuss the process if choosing the logo of the the project -each partner will bring a logo designed by the students;
  • Setting up the team: defining roles considering the experience of each member;
  • Deciding on methodology implementation;
  • Confirmation and, if it is the case, slight adjustments of the activities;
  • Roles and responsibilities of the different partners;
  • Distribution of tasks to be carried out;
  • Setting up time tables:
  • Clarifications on budget details and funding management
  • Initial evaluation of the project;

Meeting at School

At the Town Hall an Public Library of Cuba:

  • Meeting with the Mayor and Staff
  • Official presentation of the project to the municipality and population at the public Library

Meeting with the Mayor and Staff