Transnational Project Meeting 3

Transnational Project Meetings

Meeting Title: “Let’s get in contact”
Start Date
End Date
Receiving Organisation
Liceul Tehnologic Pucioasa
Receiving Country
Receiving City

Description of the meeting

Day 1

  • Meeting of all the participants.
  • Welcome, introduction
  • Presentation of the Romanian associations that offer help and support for refugees. General Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection – teacher Mioara Samoilă
  • Presentation of "True stories of refugees"
Meeting at School
SWOT analysis
  • Analysis of the implementation stage of the project;
  • Analyzing and actualization of the dissemination plan;
  • Analyzing the results of the project.

Meeting at School

Day 2
  • meeting of all the participants
  • welcome, introduction

Presentation of the Romanian associations that offer help, support for refugees.

  • workshop with the theme- "Facilitating Integration and Developing Skills for an Independent Refugee People"
  • Discussions about the quality of the activities developed in the project;
  • Analyzing the questionnaires from the implemented research;
  • Discussions about – Mobily Tool
  • Discussing details about the Multiplier Events that are going to be organized in the third year of the project;
  • Preparing the final evaluation reports.
Meeting at School