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Germany - Erasmus Refugees Crisis

Erasmus Refugees Crisis

If I Were a Refugee

"If i were a refugee" - A short film made by the 3rd Year Audiovisual and Multimedia Technician Course for Erasmus + Refugees Crisis - Approaching "the next days"!

And Now Europe?

As part of the Erasmus + Project - Crisis Refugees - Approaching "The Next Day", student Ionut Horju from the 3rd Year Audiovisual Technician developed a short animation about the journey taken by refugees to Europe - And Now Europe?

Musical and Dance Moment

Musical and Dance Moment by 1st Year Health Assistant students on Erasmus + - "Refugees Crisis - Approaching" The Next Days!

📍 "Refugees Crisis - Approaching "The Next Days";

Prof. Pedro Deodato talks about the Refugee Crisis within the scope of the project: ERASMUS + - 2018-1-PT01-KA201-047462

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